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The Mind Reading Power of RSS

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I’m getting weekly emails from many, many students informing me of their latest blog posts. I’m usually bad about responding to emails, but my recent quiet has caused fretting amongst the A-types in my classes. Fret not, my friends! I can read your minds. Well, not really, but I can read your feeds.

Here is how. RSS (which stands for either Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary depending on who you ask), allows people to subscribe to blogs, news headlines, searches, rich media (aka Podcasts) and a bunch of other stuff. The chief advantage of this is that people can follow multiple sources of information in one spot. 

Huh? How so? By using a feed aggregator, also called a news reader or simply an aggregator. An aggregator is a piece of software that aggregates syndicated web content such as blogs and news headlines. I like to use Net Newswire, which is Mac based. There are many, many aggregators to choose from including web-based aggregators for the truly mobile. 

There are many great explanations of RSS and how to use it. Common Craft has posted this video on YouTube:

If you really want to get your geek on, there are resources just for you. But whatever your nerd level, RSS is simple to use and a very powerful too for aspiring journalists.


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September 24, 2008 at 1:59 pm

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